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Monument Valley Tribal Park closed due to Satanic cult YouTube stunt

Monument Valley

Monument Valley Tribal Park has to be one of the most iconic and breathtakingly beautiful areas on the North American continent, if not the world. When we have visited, we are grateful that the Navajo Nation both shares this natural wonder with us, and we're glad they have implemented straightforward controls to ensure the people who live within the borders of the tribal park are not overly burdened with its popularity among travelers.

The park, Tse’Bii’Ndzisgaii, covers nearly 92,000 acres across Utah and Arizona. There is limited public access, with expanded access through tours led by Navajo guides. The tours are exceptional and well worth the price charged. We have stayed at the Navajo-operated The View hotel, which offers stunning views of some of the park's most iconic vistas, along with memorable red rock sunrises and sunsets, delicious Navajo cuisine, and comfortable accommodations. If you have not yet been to Monument Valley, you truly do owe it to yourself to pay it a respectful visit.

The last week of November, however, saw the tribal park close in response to the arrival of members of a group called "Global Witness," led by YouTube personality, Derek Broes. Broes bills himself on the Global Witness YouTube channel, which has more than 45,000 subscribers, as the former senior vice president of worldwide business development at Paramount Pictures. His videos have had nearly 3.5 million views in the past year.

His YouTube bio does not offer any clue as to what Global Witness is, and when we visited his website it first required creating an account to have access to the site, and later just returned an internal server error at the URL of The Global Witness Facebook page offers no information about the group either. Broes' LinkedIn page offers this saying: "If you want to know truth, empty your cup." His LinkedIn bio states: "Speaking truths others either were unable, unaware or willfully ignoring. Either way, the Truth is unalterable. It cannot be changed. It will make you free." Under his experience listings, the description of The Global Witness is: "Christ Commanded, One Accord. Made in his image and living like it." His profile notes he is based in Prescott, Arizona.

But when Broes and his Global Witness group began arriving at Monument Valley Tribal Park to host some kind of gathering and media event on the private property of one of the families living within the park's borders, the Navajo Nation's park officials became concerned about unpermitted filming and an unapproved gathering within the park. A news release from the 23rd Navajo Nation Council explains their perspective on the incident and their reaction:

On Wednesday, the Resources and Development Committee received a report from Council Delegate Herman Daniels, Jr. (Shonto, Naa’tsis’Áán, Oljato, Ts’ah Bii Kin) and Monument Valley Tribal Park manager Adeline Tohannie, regarding a cult group known as Global Witness within the vicinity and boundaries of the Monument Valley Tribal Park and Oljato Chapter.

Delegate Daniels, who represents the surrounding communities of Monument Valley Tribal Park, stated that the activities of Global Witness led by Derek Broes posed a high level of potential threat to the health and safety of the communities and Navajo citizens residing within the park.

“Last week, the Monument Valley Tribal Park had an incident with Global Witness led by a gnostic luciferian, who were filming and organizing a movement within the park without proper permits and authorization. The group’s motives and intentions could have caused disorder and disharmony within the community. Many of the community members disapproved of any satanic activities within our sacred lands,” said Delegate Daniels.

According to Tohannie, the Monument Valley Tribal Park closed on Nov. 29 due to the high levels of concerns raised from community members. The group set-up camp in the backcountry of the park and the park. Park officials kindly asked them to move because they did not have appropriate permits for camping and for their events, added Tohannie.

Delegate Daniels said, “The park and the residents living within the park did not know the intentions of Global Witness. To make matters worst, there was no law enforcement near the park to enforce the laws. A ranger or police officer should be stationed near a park where millions of visitors go throughout the year.”

RDC chair Council Delegate Alton Joe Shepherd (Jeddito, Cornfields, Ganado, Kin Dah Lichíí, Steamboat) stated that the group needs to recognize Navajo Nation laws and they are not authorized to capitalize from the Nation’s resources.

“I am aware that Global Witness has a YouTube channel and they filmed within the park. Their followers were entering the park and organized an unauthorized event. They most likely gained financial benefits from filming within the park, but the Navajo Nation did not receive any financial benefit,” said Delegate Shepherd.

RDC member Council Delegate Davis Filfred (Mexican Water, Aneth, Teecnospos, Tółikan, Red Mesa) recommended that the committee met with Oljato Chapter officials, community members, and the Monument Valley Tribal Park on Dec. 26 to further discuss the matter.

The committee accepted the report unanimously.

The Navajo Nation is quite clear that permits are required in advance for filming and large scale activities set within the park's borders. It appears Broes had obtained none of the permits required, though he may have had permission from one family living within the park. Many YouTube personalities appear to believe that requirements for commercial filming do not apply to them, whether it is permits or insurance that may be required.

With more people arriving for the Global Witness gathering, the Navajo Nation closed access to the park completely for about a day. Broes claims the Navajo Nation is lying about the incident, and has posted a video from the well spoken Navajo woman who reportedly owns the "grazing lands" where the Global Witness event, "Witness in the Desert," was to be held. The video posted on November 30 claims moments later SWAT teams, bomb squads and "military insanity" followed the video. "All escaped alive but not unharmed," the caption of the video notes.

There are a number of YouTube videos pertaining to the Witness in the Desert event and its aftermath, most of which are lengthy unedited live videos airing the Global Witness complaints about how their event was treated by the Navajo Nation. It is unclear whether the assertion that the group is "Satanic" is correct, and Broes denies it is a cult though posts by Global Witness do often incorporate religion into their message..

The god of the old testament spoken by the Jews requires blood, but as the Prophets spoke and were killed for, the Father does NOT delight in the blood of those sacrifices. CLEARLY! > Isaiah 1:11 "The multitude of your sacrifices— what are they to me?” says the Lord. “I have more than enough of burnt offerings, of rams and the fat of fattened animals; I have no pleasure in the blood of bulls and lambs and goats." Christ said of the Father "I desire Mercy not sacrifice". So why would his son have to be killed for forgiveness of sins?

- Global Witness post on YouTube from December 6, 2018

At this point, it appears Monument Valley Tribal Park is open for public visitors as usual, and Global Witness may be seeking a new site to host its Witness in the Desert gathering and media event.

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